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Your Goals, My Challenge!



Your Goals

You've taken the time to dip into my page - thank you for doing so!  I'm guessing you have certain goals in mind.  These may include losing weight or achieving improved wellbeing through personal training and improved fitness, or you may be tempted by running and therefore wondering where to start. You may also wish to improve your current running form and potential times, to target new running Personal Bests. I am committed to assist you in reaching these targets.


Training Expertise


I am qualified in personal training by industry-leading Premier Global and also in running by UK Athletics.  I am delighted to provide:

- Individual and small group personal training in a private setting – a fun and supportive environment to improve strength and conditioning, fitness and  wellbeing 

- Running coaching, including small group running sessions 

- Bespoke running training plans with ongoing support, 5k to Marathon

- Pre-race / event coaching – preparing mentally as well as physically

- Healthy eating guidance, to assist weight loss as well as running and race preparation


My Goals


All of us are individuals with unique dreams. My personal goal was to take on the challenge of running all of the Six World Marathon Majors, and earn my Six Star Medal. Having achieved this in 2018, my dream evolved into establishing Six Star PT and Fitness, so that you have the support to achieve your aspiration, whatever that may be.

My Blog


With 3 weeks to go, there’s still time to make a difference to your training!  Try these ideas out for size.

πŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ Vary the length, duration and pace of your runs.  If the Woodley 10k is the first, or one of your first, 10k runs or races, take this distance at a steady and comfortable pace.  You can mix up your weekly training by adding in shorter runs which you run at a quicker pace, although try to keep the pace consistent (don’t go out fast, then come home slow!)  Shorter runs with a qu